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1st September, 2016

After 20 years in business, we are delighted to announce that JustScan have been successfully acquired by leading POS provider Retail Solutions. The acquisition will immediately strengthen team numbers, technical expertise and product range for this long established Tuam based company and its customers (old and new). Retail Solutions, experts in the Convenience, Supermarket, Forecourt and Hardware Sectors have been keen over the last number of years to extend their presence in the Pharmacy and Fashion Markets and are delighted to say that the opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.

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18th May, 2016

It was great to meet with many of our customers at the very successful Cosmetic Association Trade Show last weekend in the RDS. Thank you to the many other visitors to our stand and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future

9th May, 2016

Justscan have partnered with Payback Loyalty to provide in-store loyalty and special offers for members of the totalhealth pharmacy group using PharmEpos

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25th April, 2016

Justscan are delighted to announce that all of our ePOS solutions are now available with Sage Pay for integrated in-store credit card processing.

How it works:
• When a customer is ready to pay, the EPOS system passes the value of the transaction to be processed to the payments API.
• The Payments API relays the value and relevant information to the PED (PIN Entry Device).
• The customer will then enter in their PIN details or tap their card for contactless payment on a Verifone VX820 PED - all card details are encrypted on the PED at point of entry so the EPOS application does not see any sensitive card details.
• The payment API or "Guardian" will establish a secure and encrypted IP connection to Sage Pay to process the transaction, utilising the connectivity from the till over LAN.
• Once the transaction has been securely processed by Sage Pay, we will then communicate to the ePOS system to inform it if the transaction has been authorised or declined.
• The ePOS system will complete the transaction and print the sales receipt, Guardian prints the credit card receipt on the EPOS printer.

• Secure PCI compliant application reduces the scope and cost of PCI audit
• Eliminates manual entry thereby reducing fraud or human error
• Brings multiple value adds and payment methods into a single PED solution such as contactless, mobile payments & DCC

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10th December, 2015

Justscan have released a new Advanced Texting Module for all of our ePOS solutions. You can now send Deposit reminders as well as Birthday greetings. Our ModaPos solution also allows you to send Appro reminders.

11th March, 2015

ShopEpos is now available with PayZone which gives you access to Mobile Top-ups and bill payment services

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