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Q1. "I'd love a JustScan Epos solution, but setting everything up would be a nightmare!"
Q2. "I don't have time to spend in an office entering information, as I need to be on the shop floor."
Q3. "I know absolutely nothing about computers so I don't think Epos is for me."
Q4. "I don't have the time to organise everything that's needed."
Q5. "I am worried that I may have a dishonest staff member."
Q6. "Can I afford it?"

Q1. "I'd love a JustScan Epos solution, but setting everything up would be a nightmare!"

A. You're not alone in thinking like this. A lot of our customers felt like this in the beginning, but there are ways to fast track set up. JustScan can give you a spread sheet template for your product file, if you can get spread sheets from your suppliers, this can be easily imported and the bulk of your items will be set up. If you are a convenience shop or a pharmacy we can loan you handheld computers with a large product file on it so all you need to do is scan one of each item and enter a selling price. For clothes shops, it can be a little simpler to create items in one go with our size grid item creator. You set up the brand, style & colours then fill in what sizes you have available. Like anything you do, what you put into it - you get out of it. If you spend the time setting up your products, you will have all the information you need to make accurate decisions. The best way to manage any system is to do the work little and often. As soon as a delivery is received, the information should be confirmed and amended if needed on the system. It takes on average about 10 seconds to create an item once you are up to speed with how to use a JustScan system.

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Q2. I don't have time to spend in an office entering information, as I need to be on the shop floor.

A. This is not a problem as all functions can be carried out from any till meaning you do not have to spend hours in a back office entering information or amending prices. Some users prefer working in the back office, this is still possible; we have many customers like this.

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Q3. I know absolutely nothing about computers so I don't think Epos is for me.

A. We don't know how engines make cars go from A to B but we can still drive them! It is exactly the same with our Epos software. You don't need to be an expert at IT to work our solution. Our expert installers and trainers will put you at ease with your new hardware but train you so you are confident enough to manage your business better. We started out way back in 1996 and not everyone had used a computer. These days an awful lot of people have used technology, computers, bought online, sent an email or even Skyped! We have users in their 60's using our solutions with ease. To be honest, it was very daunting for them in the beginning and a lot of these users would be afraid of breaking something they were unsure of using. Our trainers ensure all staff can use the software competently for the day -to-day transactions.

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Q4. I don't have the time to organise everything that's needed.

A. As we are Experts at what we do, your Account Manager will liaise with any third parties you wish on your behalf to ensure a smooth installation. Once the documentation is completed, your account manager will look after everything from there. They will consult with you on what staff need to know what functions, agree suitable days and schedule the installation. After initial training, our helpdesk team will follow up and ensure you are reaching the milestones set out to reap the benefits of our solution. Your Account Manager will be in contact to discuss how you are getting on and organise some follow up training post installation. In our experience, there is only so much that the human mind can absorb, that is why we give initial training on the basics to get staff up and running. Once staff are used to the system, we then follow up with refresher training but also introduce new functions that they can do to make the business more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

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Q5. I am worried that I may have a dishonest staff member.

A. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in retail.  Having an Epos solution from JustScan can help find the problem or put your mind at ease.  We have worked with numerous retailers over the years and have added in certain features to help monitor staff, suspicious transactions but also have developed a set of "Amber" reports to help you identify areas to pay particular attention to within your business.  Internal theft is one of the main scourges of the retail sector and it does not always present itself in the form of cash missing from the drawer.  Some of the common problems include:
-Overuse of the No Sale button
-High instances of voids
-Suspiciously high levels of Refunds
-High levels of discounts by certain staff members
-Stock going missing
Higher volume items being deliberately sold at the wrong price e.g. Selling a 100ml bottle of perfume but scanning the 30ml bottle instead.
Stock being exchanged without proof of purchase.  If receipts are not issued with every sale, it is very hard to implement a returns policy geared to protect the retailer.  There is nothing stopping a dishonest person receiving a refund for a product that they did not purchase in your business.

Unfortunately, the above list is not exhaustive and only illustrates some of the problems we have helped retailers uncover over the years.  We are well aware of the sensitivity involved when you think you have an internal problem.  Rest assured, all enquiries will be handled in the strictest of confidence and we can also let you know how our customers dealt with the situation afterwards. Another aspect of our solutions is that they can be linked in with your CCTV system. Ask us for more information.

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Q6. Can I afford it?

A. The price of Epos solutions has fallen substantially over the past few years. While our prices may have reduced - the quality of the hardware, software and services we provide has not. We all know the saying buy cheap - buy twice! We only sell high quality hardware so that you have a reliable solution that will last you a long time. We still have customers using solutions they bought ten years ago, which is a testament to this fact. As we only sell you what you need, we generally only recommend the bare essentials to get you started with as minimal an outlay as is possible. Some customers have approached their banks to finance the purchase of their Epos system over a 3 year period which can take the pressure off a retailer. Talk to your JustScan representative about what option is best for you.

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