Changing Epos /

If you're looking to change your Epos system, we can help

Looking at changing Epos provider?

We come across this quite a lot lately. People purchased systems that did not suit their business, handle their requirements or were promised features that were never delivered. Some people are frustrated but cannot face the idea of changing provider as they have spent a lot of time building their product files and invested a lot in hardware.


We have worked with a number of retailers in the past who were in this exact situation. Firstly, if the hardware is relatively new and is compatible with our solutions, we can look at reusing some or all of your existing hardware configuration - meaning you will only have to purchase software and training.

Product File?

If you are able to export your product file in an excel spreadsheet and it has all the necessary information, this can be imported onto your new system. Failing this option, people have in the past approached their existing provider and asked for their product file to be exported. There may be a charge from your provider to do this, but it may save you a considerable amount of time. However, if you are unhappy with your product file and think there is a lot of inaccurate information in it, now may well be the time to tidy it up and start from scratch. Talk to one of our Epos Experts about which option will best suit you.